A Groover’s Paradise at the Broken Spoke

A Groovers Gathering PosterWednesday night we headed out to the Broken Spoke for the “Groovers Gathering,” a fundraising event for Sir Doug & The Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove.  Traffic was, as usual, insane.  A wreck on I35 had the highway backed up almost to our house from the bridge over the river, so getting over to South Lamar took about 45 minutes (!).  We still managed to get there early enough to get the last teeny tiny parking spot at the Broken Spoke, but not early enough for a good seat.

I thought I had been to this bar before, way back in the 70’s, when my little brother was visiting and wanted to go hear some country music.  I realize now we must have gone to the Split Rail at that time, as the inside of this place looked nothing like I remembered from the evening.  I’m pretty sure now I’m remembering the Split Rail, which was a really great dive further north on S. Lamar that I’d gone to often in the 70’s (just not for country music).

The Broken Spoke, on the other hand, was huge, with a large dance floor, a very, very low ceiling, and many poor seating options on both sides of the dance floor.  A real honky-tonk.  And it’s gotta hold 800 people or more!  The main bar is in between the front and back sections — where you can get a couple cold Shiner Bocks, and order some pretty good chicken fried steak and fries — though the tiny super-flexible plastic knife would barely cut through the meat!  We got one CFS dinner each, and took more than half of each home.

There are no speakers feeding the music to the seating sections — as far as I could tell.  We couldn’t see the band from our not-so-good table in a far side section, couldn’t hear a word anybody on stage said, and could barely hear the music well at all, even though we were fairly close to the stage.  It probably didn’t help that the 8 other people who joined us at our table (that had room for only 6 more) kept shouting over the music (a couple rude girls, and all strangers to us.  With any luck, strangers they shall forever remain).

I was not surprised to run into some good friends who introduced us to the local awesome rocker, Carolyn Wonderland.

When Shawn Sahm and Augie Meyers took to the stage, we decided it was time to hit the edges of the dance floor — not to dance, which would have been challenging with our doggie box of CFS, but to try to see and hear the music better.  It wasn’t much of an improvement, but it was more fun, and we could enjoy watching the dancing.  Check out these videos I managed to take (the first is too short, but in focus, the second is almost the whole song, but sadly, out of focus.  Oh, well!).  But first, check out this gallery of still photos:

“Hey Baby, Que Paso” (just the end, with some dancing):


“She’s About a Mover” (most of the song, some better dancing, but out of focus (drat!)):

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