Arriving in Manhattan!

During breakfast at the hotel in Tarrytown, we were “assaulted” by an extrovert (What? Do we have a sign on our foreheads that states we’ll politely sit or stand while you tell us your entire life story?  Sheesh!).

After that, we drove to Manhattan, and checked into the Americana Hotel — tiny little rooms with shared baths in the hallways, no drawers, and an A/C that had a mind of its own, but the price was good…for Manhattan.

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After we got settled, we walked around 42nd Street, ate some street food, and found some good sculptures in the pedestrian friendly space.

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Later, we had a beer at O’Donaghue’s, and even later, a wonderful seafood dinner at the Grand Central Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station.  All in all, a good and relaxing first day in Manhattan.

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