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LA 2012 – Made in LA at the Armand-Hammer Museum

We got to see a very interesting show today at one of my favorite LA Museums, the Armand-Hammer Museum:

MADE IN L.A. 2012 NEW. ART. NOW. June 2, 2012 – September 2, 2012

Billed as: “The first Los Angeles biennial,… Continue reading

LA Trip 2012, Day One

This year, we decided to fly again for our annual or semi-annual trip to LA. Our non-stop flight left the Austin airport at about 7:30 a.m., meaning we had to be at the airport by about 6:30, meaning we had… Continue reading

Ric Hanging Around

My animation teacher friend and her husband have been trying to get Kickstarter funding for a movie they made.  This video was made just before the deadline was about to pass.  “The campaign has finally driven Ric over… Continue reading

Republic of Texas Biker Rally

Every year during this weekend, the Republic of Texas Biker Rally comes to Austin.  Living next to the highway, we hear the arrival of the 100’s and 100’s of motorcycles, and continue to hear them all weekend long, but… Continue reading

West Austin Studio Tour – Day2

We hit a few studios today in the Avenues, and a few downtown.

First we went to Doug Jacques studio. He does these very large watercolor paintings/digital print mashups, where sometimes he starts with a painting, photographs it, pulls it… Continue reading

West Austin Studio Tour

My hubby and I toured about 6 of the 162 art spaces on Austin’s first West Austin Studio Tour. We got a late start, so that was a mistake, but each artist I wanted to visit was at least 10-15… Continue reading

Old & New

We made a wonderful roast chicken this weekend, using the organic whole chicken we get from our meat CSA.  First time my hubby and I have roasted a whole chicken in our 16 years together! (why so long? Don’t… Continue reading

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy: RAIN!

So much rain — a welcome event in these drought-ridden parts!

Officially, the nearest weather station recorded 3.60 inches of rain yesterday.  I forgot to empty my rain gauge from the rains earlier this week, so mine may be… Continue reading

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Texas Flood

Good song for the weather ’round here tonight. It’s a real frog-strangler out there!


I just liked the way the egg slices fell out of the slicer onto the plate. That is all.

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