Homemade (sort of)!  

My husband decided to start making our own chocolate from baker’s chocolate, and it’s reallllly good, and costs half as much as storebought.  We eat about 1 oz. or less per person per day, but… Continue reading

Leslie ‘Keep Austin Weird’ Cochran has passed away

For those of you coming to Austin for SXSW, one of Austin’s most colorful characters, Leslie Cochran, passed away today. If you’ve been to previous SXSWs, you may have spotted him on 6th St. or SoCo displaying his tush in… Continue reading

Gallery Hopping – Three Great Shows in Austin, TX

Last night, we went to see 3 art exhibits in or near downtown. I took a few snapshots, which you can see below.

First, we went to Wally Workman Gallery on W. 6th St. to see Jennifer Balkan, a neighbor… Continue reading

Online Flashcards

This is very cool! I’m going to bone up on my Lithuanian and other languages; maybe finally study a little Latin. There are also flashcards for Arts & Literature, Math & Science, History & Geography and more. Flash cards,… Continue reading

02222012 – Our 10th House-iversary

Ten years ago today, I become a home owner for the 1st time; it was the 2nd time for my boyfriend (now husband). We can’t remember having any discussion about making a 30-yr. financial commitment together, it just seemed to… Continue reading

Paul Beck at the Gray Duck Gallery

For a delightful pick-me-up this weekend, I went to a couple of gallery shows with a good artist friend that I’ve known since Drawing II class, way back when.

One exhibit featured Paul Beck and two other painters at the… Continue reading

High Hopes

When I was little, my corny parents used to play this song (among many of the optimistic tunes from their era). I loved it; and I think it gave me a sense of eternal optimism that helps me get past… Continue reading

Valentine’s Dinner

We went out to eat a valentine dinner at one of our favorite cafes Monday night, and they served too much of all my favorite foods (still have leftovers). But last night, we stayed in and cooked. Much more fun!… Continue reading

Ooh, It’s Winter!

Frozen precipitation in Austin! I guess we are to have a few moments of winter after all!

Ray Charles – Them That Got

“That old sayin them that’s got are them that gets Is somethin I can’t see If ya gotta have somethin Before you can get somethin How do ya get your first is still a mystery to me”


Gallery of Photos

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Random Quote

“Hermits have no peer pressure.”
- Steven Wright