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Old & New

We made a wonderful roast chicken this weekend, using the organic whole chicken we get from our meat CSA.  First time my hubby and I have roasted a whole chicken in our 16 years together! (why so long? Don’t… Continue reading


I just liked the way the egg slices fell out of the slicer onto the plate. That is all.

Dinner at Kerbey Lane Cafe

We went out to dinner last night.  The original Kerbey Lane Cafe, a favorite of mine since before it was Kerbey Lane Cafe. 🙂  Locally sourced food, all natural meats and stuff. I had the bacon-wrapped… Continue reading

A Trip to the Farm

We got our first organic meat distribution today from a local CSA.  A whole chicken (expensive!), pork chop, a goat rib chop(!), and ground meat — which we are unsure quite what to do with, as we gave up… Continue reading

We’re Having a (very little) Party…

These plus some chips and salsa and a Kurasawa film should make for a fine evening. 🙂

Self-Portraits with Limes and Juice-O-Mat

My hubby’s making lime juice with his mother’s old Juice-O-Mat. I couldn’t resist taking a few snapshots of this lovely scene.

#gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img… Continue reading


Homemade (sort of)!  

My husband decided to start making our own chocolate from baker’s chocolate, and it’s reallllly good, and costs half as much as storebought.  We eat about 1 oz. or less per person per day, but… Continue reading

02222012 – Our 10th House-iversary

Ten years ago today, I become a home owner for the 1st time; it was the 2nd time for my boyfriend (now husband). We can’t remember having any discussion about making a 30-yr. financial commitment together, it just seemed to… Continue reading

Valentine’s Dinner

We went out to eat a valentine dinner at one of our favorite cafes Monday night, and they served too much of all my favorite foods (still have leftovers). But last night, we stayed in and cooked. Much more fun!… Continue reading

Getting Back to the Roots

Last night’s dinner: Roots!  Texas-sized potatoes, carrots, and beets for cold beet soup from our local neighborhood Urban Patchwork gardens; soup includes eggs from the Urban Patchwork chickens.

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Random Quote

“If you beleive in God and die and find out he's not real, what do you do then? You can't ask for a refund.”
- George Carlin