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Ric Hanging Around

My animation teacher friend and her husband have been trying to get Kickstarter funding for a movie they made.  This video was made just before the deadline was about to pass.  “The campaign has finally driven Ric over… Continue reading

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Gallery of Photos

9-16-2015-whitney2-310_0 la-trip-2015-moca-pasadena-192 travel-california-2014-manhatten-beach-4690 la-trip-2015-the-broad-museum-158 Travel-2002-Italy-Rome 9-15-2015-moma-482 9-14-2015-through-9-18-2015-manhattan-122 9-20-2015-salem-174 music-2014-woodzie-113

Random Quote

“Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks.”
- Steven Wright