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Manhatten Beach

On our second day in LA, Terry’s father wasn’t feeling well, so we were on our own the whole day. Still tired from the journey, we decided on a low-key day at Manhatten Beach, which is kind of like a… Continue reading

The Pollock Mural & The Getty Museum

Mural, 1943, Jackson Pollock

After arriving in LA, we spent a few hours at the Getty Museum. I needed to come to see the Pollock mural. Oh, my! How to make a grown woman cry! It’s not the first… Continue reading

Arriving in LA – Union Station & Finding Breakfast

The train arrived in LA a bit late, which was OK, as the car rental places don’t open until 7am, and so we arrived at the Hertz counter right at 7.  Long wait for the 2 people before us… Continue reading

The Train Trip West – 2014

This year, we booked a roomette on Amtrak all the way from Austin to LA and back.  We used to drive to San Antonio (and pay to park the car for a week) for our California trips, because of… Continue reading

A Great Start to a New Trip

Our trip this year started out brilliantly. First, we had a cabbie who complained about having to drive through downtown Austin during the admittedly horrendous rush-hour traffic. Yes, every street we turned onto was lined with a solid string of… Continue reading

Just returned from a week in the LA area…

…to a 38 degree temperature differential. It was 71 degrees F. in LA; 109 in Austin, but thankfully also more moist.  I broke 8 of my fingernails while on “vacation,” several of them 2 or 3 times! My hair… Continue reading

LA 2012 – a Day at LACMA

What a treat! We got to spend a whole day and evening at LACMA, starting with the delightful Metropolis II by Chris Burden – an enormous construction of hot wheels sized cars and roadways, trains and tracks, buildings and even… Continue reading

LA 2012 – The Painting Factory at the MOCA

Today’s excursion was to the MOCA to see the exhibit The Painting Factory. We started, though, with the permanent collection, which hadn’t been on view during our last trip, due to remodeling.

It was awesome! Not one, not two, not… Continue reading

LA 2012 – Made in LA at the Armand-Hammer Museum

We got to see a very interesting show today at one of my favorite LA Museums, the Armand-Hammer Museum:

MADE IN L.A. 2012 NEW. ART. NOW. June 2, 2012 – September 2, 2012

Billed as: “The first Los Angeles biennial,… Continue reading

LA Trip 2012, Day One

This year, we decided to fly again for our annual or semi-annual trip to LA. Our non-stop flight left the Austin airport at about 7:30 a.m., meaning we had to be at the airport by about 6:30, meaning we had… Continue reading

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