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Visiting Snaige and Antanas in Toronto

In the evening, we headed west during rush hour to my cousin Snaige’s house. I’d really only met her once — back in ’93 when my mom and I came up to visit Snaige’s dad, Algimantis, before our trip to… Continue reading

Trip to Toronto

We awoke refreshed at the Chalets on Lake Muskoka early this morning – in time to say ‘bye’ to Dan and Noreen. We dined on fabulous rice pancakes that Jim had made, covered in Arleigh and Larry’s wonderful homemade maple… Continue reading

One More Day with the Lucketts, and I Get to Sail!

Our final night at Eden Place B&B, now on the king-size bed, was somewhat of an improvement over the previous two. The bed still sucked (she really should take her ill-gotten earnings, even if only from us, and buy some… Continue reading

Experiencing the Tub at the B&B, and Hanging out on the Beach at the Club Muskoka

I had a pretty miserable night last night trying to sleep on the lumpy mattress at our “B & B.” I was so exhausted and ticked off when I got up, I threatened to my husband to report Ethyl to… Continue reading

The “Eden Place” B&B, & Barbeque at Arleigh and Larry’s

Eden Place Bed & Breakfast in in Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada, is a small, pretty Jamaican Christian woman with bright orange hair, and a very sweet demeanor. We had been grateful to find a room with a bath on such short… Continue reading

The Rest of the Gang Arrives, and We Move to a B&B

I slept surprisingly soundly in the tent on Arleigh’s land, but awoke as it was beginning to rain — a day that made some small weather history in Canada (more). We decided the weather dictated that we move… Continue reading

Luckett Family Reunion 2005: Getting to Arleigh’s Dome Home…

Getting me out of the house for a trip is kind of like bathing an 8-year-old: it’s as hard to get me in the groove to get packed and ready to go as it is to get a 8-year-old kid… Continue reading

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