John Singer Sargent at the Metropolitan

Day three of art in NYC.  Today we took the subway to the Metropolitan Museum.  We got to walk through quite a bit of Central Park, once we departed the subway.  The art was awesome!  There was a huge exhibition of John Singer Sargent portraiture, which was incredible.  After lunch, we also explored the historical musical instruments from around the world, a small selection of excellent Hans Hoffman paintings, and the contemporary wing (among other things).  My favorite work in the museum had to be this painting by Terry Allen.  You can see a lot more of the art from this visit here.

Painting by Terry Allen

Painting by Terry Allen

At the end of the day, we walked over to Dylan Murphy Pub in the upper east side for beer and fish and chips, then took the subway back to the hotel.  On the subway, I was trying to snap some photos of the crazy subway signs (esp. the one about not using a pole in the subway car for pole dancing), but a young man sitting next to me started to lecture me about taking pictures of people (which I wasn’t).  Then I helped save him from tumbling over when the train lurched as he was getting up…proving not all tourists are a-holes, I guess (yes, he thanked me, and said “I saved his life.” A slight exaggeration).

And with this, we finally wore ourselves out from 3 days of art, and miles and miles of walking in Manhattan.  I’m looking forward to a little less activity as we head to Boston tomorrow.

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