Manhatten Beach

On our second day in LA, Terry’s father wasn’t feeling well, so we were on our own the whole day. Still tired from the journey, we decided on a low-key day at Manhatten Beach, which is kind of like a mall in the shape of a town built next to the ocean. 😉 Right by where we parked, there was a small art gallery, so we wandered in to view the $15,000 “smoke” paintings and other drip paintings by the artist Matthew Satz.

Our first goal after that was to find some good fish and chips, preferably near the water. There were 3 places in a row at the end of the shops on the main street, Ocean Drive. The one closest to the water, Shellback tavern, was a funky old laid-back looking wooden place, and fish and chips there were $10.50 – $13.00. The next two places were much more uptown, or yuppie, but with open air seating, though the prices at these two places were $16.00 and $17.00…for fish and chips. We opted for the Shellback Tavern, and it was a good choice. The fish was fantastic, the beer was good and cold, the service very friendly and well–perfect, though the chips were typical unspectacular frozen French fries out of a bag (like most restaurants serve). After lunch, we strolled out to the aquarium on the dock. It’s very small, but has some pretty interesting sea life in many small tanks.

From the dock, we watched some body board surfers in a competition down below. I can’t say I understood what the rules of the competition were, but there were some pretty good surfers who were fun to watch for awhile. We finished up our visit to Manhatten Beach with a walk along the beach, and then a walk through the town. The beach is beautiful, with lots of fresh sand, but Terry speculates the fresh sand must have been trucked in to cover beach tar. After our walk, our shoes were covered with thick and thin layers of nasty, smelly, sticky beach tar! Terry ended up throwing his shoes away, they were so covered with tar, but I was able to scrape and clean mine back to normal, using WD40, just the right knife, and some good dish soap. So, if you go, beware!

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