MOMA!!! And Live Irish Music

This morning on our way to locate a good spot for breakfast, we were assaulted by yet another extrovert!  I mean, we were just walking down the street, and a breathless woman stopped us to tell us there was a movie being made a few blocks away, then carried on for awhile talking about her daughter and fashion and some store or something blocks away in the other direction.  Sheesh!  We finally brushed her off with a “we’re just looking for breakfast,” and continued on our way.

Which, it turned out, was impossible to find!  We’d ID’d a good, supposedly nearby breakfast place via the web (Andrews), plugged in the address to Google Maps, and started following the directions…which led us many blocks in a variety of directions, but there was no restaurant in any of the places the maps app was leading us to.  I think we’d been wandering around for half-an-hour when we realized we weren’t going to find breakfast near where the maps led us!  At which point, I went native, shouting, “I need coffee!”  Turns out the concrete canyons of the city can confuse Google maps, so it gets lost, too!  We eventually found someplace that was part of a chain–sigh–but the food was good, and the coffee, too.

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Next up was a walk to MOMA for a full day of looking at art.  We were so absorbed by all the work on one floor, that we used up our whole day on that floor, racing around like crazy for the last 30 minutes to glimpse the Picasso sculptures and a exhibition on music.  You can view all the art I took pictures of here: Art at MOMA.

We went back to O’Donoghue’s Irish bar for a dinner of fish and chips and a few brews, while listening to what was purported to be an Irish band.  It was just two guys singing and playing guitar, but they were pretty good, and they were Irish.

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