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The Whitney and Greenwich Village

Finally find Andrew's for breakfast, subway to the Whitney, beer at the Gaslight (thump music), walk to and around Greenwich Village, dinner at Agave, subway back to the hotel. Walked over 8 miles. Continue reading
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7-5-2015-east-campus-abodes-10-59-miles-1hr-15-min Art-Exhibit-2009-East St. John's, US Virgin Islands Art-Exhibit-2011-Rivers-At-Wally-Workman Travel-2012-California-A-Day-At-LACMA-Dinner-At-Rays la-trip-2015-the-broad-museum-171 9-16-2015-whitney2-666 Travel-2012-California-LA-Trip-First-Day 9-21-2015-egremont-great-barrington-the-berkshires-172

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