Los Angeles

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Manhatten Beach

On our second day in LA, Terry’s father wasn’t feeling well, so we were on our own the whole day. Still tired from the journey, we decided on a low-key day at Manhatten Beach, which is kind of like a… Continue reading

Arriving in LA – Union Station & Finding Breakfast

The train arrived in LA a bit late, which was OK, as the car rental places don’t open until 7am, and so we arrived at the Hertz counter right at 7.  Long wait for the 2 people before us… Continue reading

LA Trip 2012, Day One

This year, we decided to fly again for our annual or semi-annual trip to LA. Our non-stop flight left the Austin airport at about 7:30 a.m., meaning we had to be at the airport by about 6:30, meaning we had… Continue reading

California 2011

Travel 2011 - California - The Train Trip West

28 Photos

Travel 2011 - California - An Amtrak Roomette

15 Photos

Travel 2011 - California - Pasadena

30 Photos

Travel 2011 - California - Los Angeles City Views

18 Photos… Continue reading

A Day at the Museum

Today we went to the LA County Museum of Art, which somehow I've managed to miss on every trip before this. But getting there was an interesting challenge. I thought we'd be able to use our portable GPS unit with my iPad, and possibly also our mi-fi (personal hotspot) to access directions. I got the directions set up on my iPad, but once on the road, the mi-fi failed, and so the GPS had no connection. Since I had opted for the cheaper iPad with no 3G monthly subscription, we found ourselves on the road with no maps and no GPS. Continue reading
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“When I was a little kid we had a sand box. It was a quicksand box. I was an only child... eventually.”
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