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From Manhattan to Boston

Trudged down 7th Ave. a few blocks to a different place for breakfast, the name of which escapes me (sorry!). The servers were young and inexperienced (and really, really cute!), but the food was better than Andrews. Skipped back to… Continue reading

John Singer Sargent at the Metropolitan

Subway to the Met, beer and fish and chips at Dylan Murphy in the upper east side, subway back, a long nap. Continue reading

The Whitney and Greenwich Village

Finally find Andrew's for breakfast, subway to the Whitney, beer at the Gaslight (thump music), walk to and around Greenwich Village, dinner at Agave, subway back to the hotel. Walked over 8 miles. Continue reading

Arriving in Manhattan!

Breakfast, assault by an extrovert, drive to Manhattan, check into the Americana Hotel, walk around 42nd Street, street food, beer at O'Donaghue's, dinner at the Oyster place in Grand Central Station. Continue reading
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Random Quote

“What was God thinking in putting all his holy sites in one area? Like two blocks from each other. Is the idea for God ... He just put it in there like, "I just want to see who wants it more."”
- Jon Stewart