The Whitney and Greenwich Village

We finally found Andrew’s for breakfast, and it was good.  Afterwards, we took the subway to the Whitney, where we spent the entire day.  See photos of the art at the Whitney.

After a day of art, we walked along the highline, then grabbed a beer at the Gaslight (which drove us out with thump music).  We then wandered into a used clothing store, where–I kid you not–we were again assaulted by another extrovert who wanted to talk our ears off!  The shopkeeper picked on us, out of all the people in the store to start a diatribe about Democratic politics, and Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders.  I have to say, I disagreed with her (mentally, not out loud–not worth the effort).

Well, we didn’t buy any shirts there, due to her talking at us, so we scooted out  of there and walked to and around Greenwich Village.  We’d hoped to find a copacetic musical place for blues and dinner, but were unsuccessful in our brief search.  We eventually had a great Mexican food dinner at Agave, before grabbing the subway back to the hotel.  Even with the subway rides, it was another day of walking over 8 miles!

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